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General Topics
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cmiTutorial Request
Request a tutorial program. (Yes we actually listen to the end users)
cmiVFX and KDX
Find information about cmiVFX subscriptions and flie transfers
Famous Quotes
An attempt at general levity to keep your day moving along.
Free Products And Discounts
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cmiVFX Auction Room ***
Sell your used hardware, cameras, rigs, dongles here!
Get A Job In The Industry Here
This is for Freelancers, Fulltime, and Employers
Fusion General
All general issues with fusion should be posted here.
Fusion Macros
Discuss And Trade Fusion Macros Here
Fusion DVD's
Which Fusion DVD's Are Available from cmiVFX
Shake General
All General Issues Support Apple's Shake
Shake DVD's
Which Shake DVD's Are Available from cmiVFX
Flame General
General Discussion ABout IFF
Flame DVD's
Which Flame DVD's Are Available from cmiVFX
Combustion General
General Discussion About Combustion
Combustion DVD's
DVD's that are available for Combustion
Toxik General
Let the games begin. Most talked about subject through our support line.
Houdini General
General Topics About Houdini
Houdini Advanced Topics
Topics About Advanced Houdini Properties
Houdini Texturing
Share shaders and techniques
Houdini Lighting
Share Lighting Setups, SSS, AOC, Studio Set-Ups, etc..
Houdini Modeling
Modeling Techniques
Houdini Rendering
Rendering: Mantra, Renderman, 3Delight, Entropy, etc..
Houdini DVD's
Which Houdini DVD's Are Available from cmiVFX
Houdini W.I.P.
End Users: Get Your work Show Here
Blender General
General Topics About Blender Including News
Blender DVD's
Which Blender DVD's Are Available from cmiVFX
Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D General
General Topics Including UI
Cinema 4D Thinking Particles
All Partilce Topics Here
Cinema 4D Mograph
Mograph And Instancing Tactics
Cinema 4D Modeling
Modeling Issues and Shared Models
Cinema 4D Texturing
All texturing issues including body paint 3d
Cinema 4D Rigging
How to rig, and user defined presets
Cinema 4D DVD's
Which DVD's are available from cmiVFX
Cinema 4D W.I.P.
End Users: Get Your work Show Here
Wings3D General
General Modeling Issues With Wings3D, Mirai, Nendo etc..
The Pixel Farm
General Issues about pfTrack
General Issues About pfHoe
general Issues about pfClean
Which DVD's are available from
Photoshop General
General Topics about Photoshop
Photoshop DVD's
Which DVD's are Available from
Photoshop Plug-Ins
Solutions to extending PS capabilities
Discussions about Monet Planar Tracking
Clean Plate Generation and Wire Rig Removal
Rotoscoping Issues with MOTOR
Amazing planar tracker for compositing
Digital Intermediate
Assimilate Scratch
Training and News For Assimilate Scratch
Chrome-Imaging: Matrix Compositing
Information about development
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