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The best solution for both DI and Restoration
PFClean is a fast and flexible automatic image clean up system designed for use with scanned image data prior to the commencement of the VFX and DI process, or for the restoration of achieved film and video. Built on The Pixel Farm's extensive research in the areas of optical flow analysis and real-time play back technologies, PFClean features a comprehensive set of resolution independent, non destructive tools to clean up and restore images.

“It has a very quick learning curve, provided us with the toolset we required within a clear user interface and most importantly allowed us to deliver clean scans within time and on budget, it can seamlessly fit in to any digital workflow. We weren't just buying a piece of software, we were buying into a solution and creating a working partnership. The Pixel Farm themselves have been very helpful and supportive, providing guidance and feedback as and when we needed.” Steve Boag Managing Director of Cineimage London

What is PFClean?
PFClean operates flexibly in an ever changing and complex DI environment, working as a fully automatic, hybrid system or manual system. The user is able to define frames and the type of anomalies to be fixed in a non destructive environment. Image sequences can then be processed immediately or committed to the Pixel Farm's tightly integrated cross platform batch processing system.

The interface is designed to allow even the most complex task to be carried out quickly
All fixes, whether applied automatically or manually, are executed via a per frame meta data map. Fixes, right down to individual paint strokes, are stored as meta data for later modification if required. This provides total control over any image modification and effectively provides the user with an unlimited number of non-sequential undos. The data is maintained throughout the clean up process with additionl annotation tools allowing further information to be added to inform processes further down the DI chain.

Production Director at Ollin Studios, Charlie Iturriago explains, “The PFClean team receive the movie rolls of 1000ft to the computer and remove scratches and dust, cleaning the film frame by frame, in a fast and automated process. Then the final frames go to output servers for deliveries and archival. So, the entire movie is QCd with PFClean in 2k for a completely clean delivery.”

Comprehensive DI and RestorationToolset
PFClean has all the tools required to address the workflow from scanners, archival footage and digital film cameras into post production and finishing including:

A real-time float Paint system including clone and dust-busting brushes
Image stabilization including frame rebuilding.
Rotoscope tools to assist paint and motion analysis.
Global de-noise/sharpen/blur.
Noise/Grain adjustment.
Full float pipeline with HDR support.
Full support for defect maps from IR scanning data.

The PFClean Restoration Pack* adds contains a number of additional tools including:
Tear repair
Frame repair
Automatic RGB channel alignment
Colour balance
Colour correction

click to enlarge
Automatic temporal repair tools used on Flash Gordon and the Space Soldiers 1936

PFClean *Restoration Pack
The additional tools provided by the purchasable restoration pack are design to extend PFClean’s core functionality to address problems found in very damaged film and with achieve restoration projects. The tools have been design to fit seamlessly into the PFClean environment and operate using the benefits of the PFClean non destructive workflow. For a modest sum you can add these state of the art tools to PFClean with a simple addition to your license.

Built for speed as well as comfort
The fully 64-bit application architecture is built around highly optimised and efficient motion analysis algorithms. The system is fully scalable across multiple CPU's allowing processing power to grow with user or project requirements. The addition of a cross platform batch processing system and a meta data architecture greatly simplifies system integration. The entire application is built on The Pixel Farm’s own playback architecture allowing real-time 2K playback on MAC/Linux.

The GUI can be used to review clips and assess what parameters the batch processing system will require to complete a job. A batch script can then be left to run as files are released from the scanner. As frames become available to the GUI, fully automating the clean up process. If required, the batch applied fixes can be adjusted, modified or rejected in near real-time using the meta data tags created for each fix. The addition of extra information such as the IR scan from the scanner where available, will greatly increase the possibility of fixing the errors with little or no user interaction.

Fast Non-linear Workflow
A non-linear workflow allows the user to go back at any stage and edit the sequences without the need for multiple renders. By making use of meta data every action, automatic or manual, is recorded and made available for editing in a fully non destructive environment. The application interface and toolset is optimised to provide an efficient as well as effective working environment, making PFClean by far the fastest way to get images from the scanner into the DI pipeline.

Tools for Post
PFClean is also an ideal tool for wire/rig removal and other common paint and effect tasks within the post-production environment.

Key Application Features:
Multi-threaded motion analysis, including paint-based motion vector editing.
Manual, Automatic and hybrid error detection and removal (dust and scratches).
Automatic and manual 'repair' modes.
DPX and Keykode film handling.
Proxy export to editing systems, with DPX and Keykode data embedded.
Non-linear work flow.
Non destructive image editing.
Real-time playback.
Full support for Mac Intel platform .
Full 64-bit implementation**
** 64 bit Hardware and OS required.

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